Bit by bit

I wrote the following code to transform a series of comma separated numbers to alternating zeros and ones e.g. 4,3,4,3 is 00001110000111.

line = "4,3,4,3"
bit = 0
start = 0
for series in line.split(","):
  for i in range(int(series)):
    #proceed to next value
    bit = (bit + 1) % 2
  start += int(series)
print("".join([str(i) for i in x]))

But it could be so much better like so:

chars = ["0","1"]
line = "4,3,4,3"
chars = ["0","1"]
x = [chars[i%2]*int(x) for (i,x) in enumerate(line.split(","))]

My insight is that when the code goes bit by bit or character by character there must be a better way.


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